Max - Imre Mikovic was born in Subotica (former Yugoslavia) in 1964. He graduated at The Faculty of Dramatic Art in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1989 where he earned his Master of Sound Design degree.

His first work experience in the industry took place in Radio Szeged (Hungary) where he worked for more than 15 years as a sound engineer. At the same time Max was cooperating with RTV Vojvodina (regional broadcast service). He also worked as a coordinator with local broadcasting services on integration of all national TV broadcasting networks. He work as a technical support on many live broadcasting concerts across the Europeans countries including France, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia.

For four years Max was Managing Director of International Tourism Film Festival in Serbia. He was engaged on capacity as a chief editor of "Travel Channel " for Balkan countries for more than 3 years.

Max is a full member of AES and Technical advisor in Malta Cultural Institute, IAENG Broadcast engineering associate advisor. He was engaged as a sound recording engineer on couple of blockbuster movies in Malta as well as sound recording engineer and production poetry CD in Malta and Switzerland.

Professor of sound & acoustic design in Piano Academy Malta. He was also a sound engineer in many concerts of classical music across Malta and abroad. Sound recording engineer classic music production.