Exploring Milan’s Streets

A street reportage workshop // November 12th, 2016

10.00: The group meet in Piazza del Duomo, outside the entrance to the cathedral. I will introduce myself to those who don’t know me, explain the day’s proceedings and answer any initial questions.

11.00 -1.00: I will work with each of you as you practice your street reportage skills in the centre of Milan. I will give guidance and demonstrations when necessary to each participant and as a group.

1.00 - 2.00 Lunch together, which is a time to chat and have discussions about photography, ideas and techniques!

2.00 - 5.00 We will move as a group to Milano Centrale train station; one of the busiest stations in Europe. The station is always alive with activity and I want you to work inside and around the peripheries of the station, continuing to develop your reportage skills. I will again be on hand to demonstrate and guide you while you photograph.

5.00 - 5.30 Debrief.

Workshop fee: 80.00 euros per person (does not include lunch)


Editing the Personal Project

A group editing workshop // November 26th, 2016

The most important feedback I have received so far from my reportage workshops, is that participants would like more time focused on the editing process. So, I have prepared a workshop to be delivered in Locarno to a small group of photographers who would like to develop their editing skills.

I always say that editing is just as important a skill, as taking the pictures. Through this workshop, I will assist you to think creatively about how to select and sequence your images. Each participant should bring their own laptop with ALL their images from at least one personal project they would like to edit.

10.00 The workshop will begin with an introduction and special demonstration of how I select and sequence images for my long term projects.

11.00 - 12.00 Each participant will introduce the group to the project/s they have chosen to work on today, explaining the background and their vision for the work.

12.00 - 1.00 Home cooked lunch together and a good moment to have discussions about photography, ideas and techniques!

1.00 - 5.00 (including a coffee break) I will work with each photographer on their projects - during this period the rest of the group will watch the process, take notes and ask questions.

5.00 - 5.30 Debrief.

Workshop fee: 80.00 CHF per person includes lunch


IMPORTANT: Please feel free to share with friends and if you would like to sign up to either workshop, please reserve asap by email: stephenkellystudio@gmail.com. It is a first come, first served basis and places are limited.