• Strong foundation in photography and computer applications complemented by knowledge of business operations and the need for customer-focused service.
  • Track record of initiative and achievement — seeking out freelance projects, expanding job description boundaries, volunteering and being selected for positions of responsibility within chosen field.


  • Zürich University • College of MBA • 1979 •
  • CPA in Zürich 1984


Commercial Photographer • Freelance
Successful completion of commercial photography assignments requiring planning, follow-through, and results that meet client objectives.
  • Project: Roveredo Monti di Laura with a publication of a book 2009
  • Wedding: many and many assignments

Freelance Photographer
  • Mozambique for ASEM
  • Senegal and Mali for Belly Thiowy water plant

Exhibit Assistant
  • Participated in the installation of exhibits for photographic-art gallery.
  • Monitored gallery shows and provided information to visitors.

  • Macintosh Systems
  • Applications:
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Colorbyte Software Image Print,
  • Phase One Capture One

6 x 17,6 x 7, 6 x 6 cm and 35mm cameras Black/white and colour processing and printing