Folk dance ensemble “RAD” was established  as a amateur national ensemble with the aim of collecting, arranging and preserving national dance, song and musical treasures. We are from Belgrade, capitol city of Serbia. The ensemble existes for 45 years and has over 100 members, in several sections.  This video file presents a recording of a folk orchestra and a performance of the jazz-ethno song “Jazz rumba”, which has won many awards at various competitions.  With the idea of the head of the orchestra, Vladimir Vajdic, we decided to gather online during this crisis that has befallen the whole world , and do what we know best- play and hang out. We hope you enjoy this video.

For more informations about the ensemble:  official web site

Participants in the project are:

Accordion: Vladimir Vajdic

Saxophone: Milan Andrejevic

Piccolo: Vasa Petrovic

Guitars: Sale Paunovic and Nebojsa Mirjanic

Percussions: Dejan Jovanovic and Nebojsa Mirjanic

Bass: Dusan Slijepcevic

Clarinet: Nikola Ulemek and Djordje Stanic

Flute: Ivana Mosurovic, Marija Mitrovic and Anita Puzic

Violin: Jelena Vajdic, Milos Mitrovic and Milica Markovic