Since 2003 the international Festival SIGNES DE NUIT is active in Paris and world wide. During its 9th Edition in 2011 the festival has presented around 340 films coming from 50 countries in 74 programs during 12 days (and two nights) at different places in Paris.

The International Festival SIGNES DE NUIT based in Paris is made up of films, which reflects new views, original imagery and critical approach to the crucial points of the modern human existence. It is a place for cinema that expands its own boundaries, that is astonishing, different, potentially free from the pressure of tradition, ready to give itself to the unpredictable experimentation


The festival shows films and audio-visual works coming from all over the world, which test new audio-visual languages and in the same time are interested in current problems and situations of present societies. The purpose is to establish a global communication which escapes from the simplifications of the mass-media.

The special artistic forms of these films, which combine sound, image, movement, rhythm, text, space, surprising perspectives and different time structures carry not only an aesthetic purpose, but also broaden the possibilities of communication and understanding between people coming from very different mental, social and physiological backgrounds. To create this international sensitization facing the negative consequences mass communication and stereotypes seems to us a necessary responsibility of the modern cinema and audio-visual production.

Open the space

The minor costs of digital production makes an independant- from comercial influences and any kind of censorship- production possible. These independant productions create an alternative, an artistic space very subtle and accessible to all, in contrast to what mass media offer.

This opposition and the preservation of the free cultural space is the goal of the International Festival Signes de Nuit, which has realized screenings and interventions in 29 different countries including Algeria, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Lebanon, Lithuania, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Peru, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States beside the screenings in main festival in Paris.


Our target is to establish an international communication and transmission with the aim of cultural awareness for differences and nuances of mental and psychical forms of expression and life styles based on their social conditions. In other words, we are focused on thematics concerning the world wide ongoing technical and cultural transformations in our actual societies and looking for works treating this aspects on a complex artistic viewpoint.
The cinematographic and audiovisual media allow this exchange. The festival is the form of its concretisation, consolidation.and refection. In this sense, we want to create more than a festival among many others. We want to establish a cultural forum of communication and transmission, which isn’t provided by other medias (mass media, facebook…).

Festival international SIGNES DE NUIT – 18, rue Budé 75004 Paris – France

Tel : +33 (0) 1 40 46 92 25 – +33 (0) 6 84 40 84 38

I più visti

L'edizione 2018


Il Festival si svolgerà dal 15 al 22 aprile 2018 in diverse sale cinematografiche e sedi culturali del Luganese (Exmacello,Studio Foce, Cinestar, Lux art house, Art On...paper Gallery), del Mendrisiotto e del Locarnese. L’apertura si terrà domenica 15 aprile allo Studio Foce di Lugano, con i saluti ufficiali e uno spettacolo video-musicale.


L'Incontro: Il Contagio


Ore 20.00 Il Contagio di Matteo Botrugno e Daniele Coluccini | Italia | 2017 | 110’ | in Italiano

Programma 2018

Lugano ospita due registi Kazaki: Darezhan Omirbaev e Emir Baigazin da 9-16 dicembre 2015 - Il Ciani e Cinema Iride


Diari fotografici di due tra i più Interessanti registi kazaki contemporanei: Darezhan Omirbaev ed Emir Baigazin. Un modo inconsueto e intimo per conoscere un paese tanto lontano quanto affascinante. Ex repubblica dell’Unione Sovietica, il Kazakhstan avanza verso la modernità a ritmi impressionanti e con un po’ di nostalgia per il suo passato. Organizzata in occasione della Festa Nazionale del Kazakhstan, la mostra è curata da Alex Chung, Servizio relazioni pubbliche della Città di Lugano e Anna Vilgelmi, produttrice del National Film Studio of Kazakhstan. Il progetto è stato realizzato con il sostegno di CISA ed Ente Turistico del Luganese. Si ringraziano LuganoPhotoDays e OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival. Il 9 dicembre alle ore 18.00 avrà luogo il vernissage dell'evento, al quale saranno invitati le autorità diplomatiche kazake e svizzere che operano in questo Paese, nonché i rappresentanti delle associazioni e delle aziende che intrattengono scambi e relazioni con il Kazakistan. Saranno presenti : Darezhan Omirbaev, Emir Baigazin e la produtrice Anna Vilgelmi. È prevista una proiezione del film "Student", presso la Cinema Iride alle ore 20.00.




Cinema nel cuore del Quartiere Maghetti Lugano