Thomas ama particolarmente lavorare con i musicisti. Prima di ritrarli, ha di solito già sostenuto intense conversazioni con loro e ha assorbito profondamente la loro musica. Tutte le sue fotografie sono scatti unici, per cui non chiede mai ai musicisti di mettersi in posa oppure di rifar qualunque mossa.

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Thomas Radlwimmer, born 1988 in Austria, discovered his passion for photography at the age of 14. Currently he is a student at the University of Television and Film Munich, Germany (HFF München), but his great affinity to “motionless” pictures remains untouched. He has also a strong addiction to special locations and buildings and is often to be found busy on film sets as a still photographer.

Thomas is particularly passionate about working with musicians. Before portraying them, he usually has already had deep conversations with them and dealt intensely with their music. All of his pictures are one-time snapshots, hence musicians are never asked to strike a pose or to repeat any movement.

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